DIY Propagation Pot

My Golden Pothos DIY Propagation Bottle Pot. This article contains affiliate links.


8/2/20232 min read

Propagating plants DIY
Propagating plants DIY

Are you a plant lover looking to expand your green oasis without breaking the bank? Propagating plants at home might be the green thumb adventure you've been waiting for! Not only is it a fun and rewarding experience, but it's also incredibly cost-effective. Let's dive into the world of propagation and discover how it can turn your home into a lush, thriving garden.

If you're unsure what propagating means, basically it's taking a cutting, or splitting a current plant and creating, or attempting to create, a new one from that cutting or split.

For many gardeners, including myself, is the bread and butter of gardening when it comes to wanting new, or more of the same, plants in your home or garden. I must be transparent here, and admit that I have had many failed attempts at propagation, but that is also a part of the learning process.

But to keep to the basics for the purpose of this post, most plants can be propagated easily, one of which is the sturdy Golden Pothos. I have many of these indoors and outdoors of my home, due to its ease of propagating and ease of care.

Now, when it comes to these plants, I've found they can be easily grown in water or potted into soil. The best results I've had is in water, and it's also the funnest.

I don't always have the right size glass vase on hand, so one day I took a couple cuttings of one of my existing Golden Pothos plants, and since I didn't have a properly sized vase, I cut up a water bottle and used that. A water bottle can be easily cut to the size you need, it's transparent so there's plenty of light reaching the roots, and you can watch the root growth easily without the guesswork on if it's surviving or not.

Keeping my DIY propagation bottle pot, my little Golden Pothos is doing quite well. I highly recommend this as an easy DIY project and it's fun to do.

Go ahead now, give it a go.

And let me know how you do!

Golden Pothos propagated plant
Golden Pothos propagated plant

If you'd prefer buying new and maybe trying propagating later on in your plant parent journey, check out the pothos Houseplant Collection (3pk) Good luck !

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