The Art of Writing: Unveiling the Fountain Pen's Benefits

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7/8/20232 min read

In a world dominated by keyboards and touchscreens, writing with a fountain pen brings back the charm and elegance of a bygone era. Its smooth flow, personal touch, and connection to the written word make it a soulful experience, fostering creativity and mindfulness in our digital age.

As someone who is an avid hand-written journaling fan and a user of the A5 dot grid planner Leuchtturm1917 and other A5 binder planners and journals, adding the tactile-ness (if that is a word), of using a fountain pen with dipped ink onto the page to write down everything from my daily schedule, thoughts and feelings, gratitude and so on, I cannot express enough how much I recommend using a fountain pen.

Most fountain pens come with either a chamber to refill the ink with using bottled ink or a cartridge that just slips into the pen. Either way, the personal experience of using one of these wonderful writing tools is highly recommended.

The feeling of the pen's nib scratching against the surface of the page is unique every time and is something that cannot be found with using a digital journal or planner with a keyboard and mouse. For me, the personal touch of using these tools makes the writing experience more satisfying.

For a beginner, I would suggest using any brand of fountain pen, purely to just get the feel for them. But my personal favorites are the Monteverde pens. I have a few of their Monteverde pens, specifically their Impressa and Invincia pens. I prefer to use ink from the Iroshizuku line by PILOT.

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