Keychain Charger -It Actually Works

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7/6/20231 min read

We've all seen the viral videos of those small compact keychain chargers that are supposed to change your phone charging life, right? But do they actually work?

I purchased one of these Portable Charger in black, and after my first initial impression of it being really cheap quality, I began to use it and quickly realized it actually does work.

The cost of the charger was pretty reasonable and it really does either fit on my keychain or slips inside a purse pocket. I keep mine in the inside pocket of my messenger bag and there it stays. The charger itself stays charged for a good amount of time and works well as a back up charger. I do suggest to remove your phone case if you have one because it can be a bit tough to fit the charger plug through, but it does work and does fit.

I would recommend buying this charger as it is small, inexpensive and super cheap on Amazon.

If you're interested in checking one out for yourself, use the link below.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases