Me, Myself and My Monstera's Roots

New growth from aerial roots. This article contains affiliate links where I may earn commissions from any purchases through them.



7/28/20231 min read

I'm a huge fan of propagating and of Monsteras. But their aerial roots have been another thing all together. I have previously taken cuttings from my Monstera Deliciosa's before, and propagated them, successfully and unsuccessfully, but their aerial roots I tend to leave alone and just let them grow out however they naturally feel like.

The other day however, I decided to experiment and I placed one of the aerial roots into an old little small pot with water and to my very happy surprise, there are new roots growing from that one aerial root!

This may not be a surprise to other fellow plant parents, but it was to this one! It literally only took a couple days to begin this new growth from the time I placed it into its own water pot.

So the lesson for today plant people, is to experiment a little. Don't be afraid of trying a cutting here, a rooting there, adding water to this or that. Good things just may come from it.

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