Pet Playpen: Yes Please !

Pet playpens and their benefits. Article contains affiliate links.


8/6/20232 min read

When it comes to ensuring the well-being of your furry friends, a playpen can be a game-changer. These enclosed spaces offer numerous benefits for small pets. Playpens provide a safe and controlled environment for exploration, exercise, and mental stimulation. They prevent accidents and protect your home from potential damage from poop stains and scratch marks and all the other things that could potentially happen.

My "furry" friend, isn't furry at all, he's a little Box Turtle who likes to get lost inside my house. Since he fits into the palm of my hand at full growth size, he can easily hide in small spaces and stay there for hours on end until he finally decides to come out. This playpen helps me to know he is safe and can easily access his food and water and toys. As turtles like to meander about and occasionally sprint their way to freedom, adding in some bark and his rocks helps with his walking and his nail trimming naturally, all while inside this playpen.

With easy setup and portability, a playpen becomes an essential tool for enhancing your pets' quality of life while giving you peace of mind. I know I thoroughly love it when my little pet turtle is inside his playpen and safe from getting lost. The playpen I purchased includes a zipper pouch to hold your pen and store it away after use. It easily folds out and back together again when your pet buddy is done using it.

The playpen I bought and have been using is the Small Animals C&C Cage Tent. It is super easy to open up and collapse to put away when playtime is over. The material is easy to clean with a Lysol disinfectant wipe or something similar to clean up spills and messes.

Please note, that although your pet is reasonably safe in their playpen, always ensure to monitor your animal and keep them in your view at all times. For their safety and your peace of mind.

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small animal playpen package reviewsmall animal playpen package review
Small animal playpen set up
Small animal playpen set up